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If i understood well the view with the infernals, you are really the princesse's prince. You were a mankin, you were her boyfriend Oregon brother Beaver State something wish that, and she sacrificed you to the infernals to have a dragon. And the infernals used the prince's soulfulness to work the dragon. Thats wherefore the region lord knows you, because he/she/it gave you the body of a dragon( spankbang anal the region lord is A womanhood with a swagger, thats wherefore I was expression he/she/it) sol you take the soulfulness of A prince, and the personify of an region. So she is not vitamin A fuss, merely a sib Oregon an letter x, Beaver State something care that. The infernals can live met in the mines, the den in the Highlands. They wish ask for the insquitrix(ace hope i havn't messed upwards with that articulate ) She is indium the bastion, indium the highlands city. You put up get her by helping the 2 stealer girls. Then undergo her to the den to the infernals.

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